About us

We are specialized industrial representatives between automotive OEMs selected suppliers for more than 30 years. Within the value chain, Gabel M.E.C.A. acts as the bridge to technological leadership.
As a globally-positioned company, Gabel M.E.C.A. covers both dynamic and traditional markets. Our employees come from countries and regions in which we operate.
This close tie with OEMs, our partners and the environment is crucial for the long-term success.



We represent various automotive industry divisions. Here we act as the connecting link between automotive groups and the supplier industry.
The advantages are easy to see: our presence in Asia enables our partners to gain a clear edge over the competition. The reverse is also true: we are the chosen bridge for those of our European partners, that currently don’t want to tie their own resources in China.

Our know-how

Our expertise plays a key role for us. Over the years, Gabel M.E.C.A. has built up specific know-how. We offer our service in a market that is characterized by different needs. Therefore individual solutions are required. In this environment, the service of Gabel M.E.C.A. consists of developing custom-made solutions for the area of business expansion. Implementation is assured by our locations in Asia and Europe.

Our network

Our business model calls for a strong union with customers and local market conditions. To reflect this, we think globally and act locally. In collaboration with our subsidiary Gabel M.E.C.A. Far East we have strategically expanded our presence in Asia and provide effective on-site support for OEMs and tiers.

In Maple/Caiqia Business Consulting Co. LTD. (Shanghai)
we have found the perfect partner for attempting a concentrated expansion of business operations in China.

Our online-support

The automotive value chain is characterized by complexity. Here the portal usage has established itself successfully as an effective tool for optimizing the cooperation between OEMs and suppliers. We advise in terms of coordination, organization and management of customized portals. Thus we can guarantee the proper implementation of customer-specific requirements.

Our approach

Marketing, Engineering, Consulting, Acquisition.
These are our core competencies. Our integrated approach creates added value for the competitiveness of our partners every day!.
We offer custom-made solutions on all relevant matters of marketing, distribution and logistics, such as research for suitable entry opportunities and support for audits and company certification.

Quality Control

We choose our partners with care. Production locations throughout the world are certified according to
ISO/TS 16949, environmental certification DIN EN ISO 14001 and occupational safety OHSAS 18001.